• Image of Anti-Glare R HID bulbs
  • Image of Anti-Glare R HID bulbs

These SaiMikeLEDs Exclusive Anti-Glare R HID bulbs are based off the OEM D2R HID bulbs that were designed to cut glare from non HID reflector housings. Using the same concept , these will help to cut out the glare for oncoming cars and help concentrate light where you need it most.

Each order comes in Pairs
Uses AMP connectors
Wattage : 35W only!
Colors : 4300K , 5K, or 6K

* this is not a full kit , just the bulbs
* For off road use only


  • 9006R 6K
    7 in stock
  • 9006R 5K
    5 in stock
  • H7R 4300K
    2 in stock
  • H7R 6K
    3 in stock
  • H1R 6K
    5 in stock
  • H1R 4300K
    2 in stock