My LED Bulb doesn't light up ! is this a defect ?

Leds only turn on if current runs a certain way. so to fix this , simple flip the bulb 180 Degrees and it will turn on .

What does EF and F mean next to the title ?

EF - This is an Error FREE Bulb meant for high end cars so it won't produce a bulb out warning light

F - This is a Flat LED

How do i know what bulbs fit in my car ?

Here is a Cross refrence guide to help you figure out if the bulbs i have will fit your vehicle.

T10 = 168/194

31mm= DE3022, 3021

36mm= 6418

42mm= 6411

T20= 7440 7443

How are the items Shipped ?

The LEDs will be Shipped using USPS. I also include a delivery confirmation tracking on each package. which you will get in your email once the package is dropped off in the mail.

Where are you located , can items be picked up to save shipping ?

If you live around San Francisco, CA . I can meet with you and personally hand you your package. we can setup a meet time and location to avoid shipping costs.